i'm savanna,
the founder

I have a Marketing Degree but my curiosity for business started at a young age as I grew up in a household led by two entrepreneurs. I watched, listened, and learned as my parents created a work-life that they enjoyed. They taught me how there is so much more to business than simply buying and selling products and services. It is about relationships and sometimes taking the path less traveled. Although I am not as interested in medical sales as they may have hoped, I am extremely passionate about marketing and the "psychology side of business."

My strength of empathy helps me better understand consumers and audiences and not waste time spitting out promotional material that doesn't resonate with anyone. I believe that social media is a HUGE tool that so many businesses are not utilizing to their advantage. I can help your business set a strategy to not only reach your targeted audience but CONNECT with them in a digital world where they trust you and like you and want to keep coming back for more!

why am i here?

After working as a Marketing Director for a few years and managing social content and strategy for almost 10 years, I have realized that I want to contribute to the voice. Someone recently told me that "marketing is the psychology of business." That really resonated with me. I am tired of going through the motions of selling to audiences online. I want to help businesses be PRESENT on social and digital platforms and realize that there is so much more than promoting to your audience. To be successful as a business you need to LISTEN to your audience and provide them with VALUE. Let's change the narrative and create content that has strategy and ADDS instead of blends in to the oversaturated online world.  

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